The Kitchen

As a continuation of our policy of sourcing the freshest produce we possibly can, we have been growing an increasing amount of our own produce for a number of years.

Now we haven’t the machinery to be self-sufficient in spuds and onions (and indeed can buy these locally) so we grow salad leaves, all kinds of herbs, micro herbs, edible flowers, and have a small orchard and fruit bushes. We even have our own bee hives.

grown by the
people who
know best

We have learned a lot over the years by our mistakes, but we now also know what the tastiest varieties of salad leaves are; that small, sweet cherry tomatoes ripen better than large ones, all-female varieties of cucumbers always have a wonderful flavour, the birds will always try to race us to the ripening fruit and that you can never really depend on the Irish weather!

We also know that blueberries and garlic are easy to grow and that blackcurrants are wasted on jam when you can use them to make amazing richly flavoured cassis.

We continually experiment to find new varieties of produce with amazing flavour.

We are really proud to be one of the sponsors of Sow, Grow, Munch, a book for schools and community groups written by our own Jilly Dougan.

Read Sow, Grow, Much here