2016 Great Taste Awards

We were immensely proud of our talented team for their achievements at the Guild of Fine Foods’ Great Taste Awards this Year, the acknowledged benchmark for fine food and drink.

We were thinking of renaming it the Great Tasting Butter Awards, as fab Irish butter and local buttermilk featured heavily in our award-winning products.

We were delighted to receive a fantastic 2 star, and 1 stars for 6 other products.


Sticky Toffee Pudding – 2 star


Here’s what the judges said:

“An even appearance with a glistening sticky toffee topping. The taste is clean, buttery toffee, without being too sweet. A great finish. The balance is so nice that we could not stop eating it.”

“A sticky toffee pudding that lives up to it’s name. A rich molasses aroma is followed by a soft textured sponge with a great mouth-feel.”

“Heaven on a plate.”


1 stars


Honey glazed buttermilk burger bap

Raspberry and almond Loaf

Buttermilk Sorbet

Granary Loaf

Braised North African Lamb

Parsnip, kale and chestnut pie

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