Real Bread is nothing fancy and has nothing to hide

We are proud to have become members of the Real Bread Campaigns in both UK and Ireland which promote traditional baking and only natural ingredients.

We started baking our own bread to sell in our first deli in 1997. To this day our Bread is baked fresh every night, six days a week, with locally milled, top quality untreated, unbleached flour, natural fats and oils, free range eggs, Irish butter and local milk and buttermilk.

We do not believe in using chemical yeast enhancers, preservatives or any other artificial additives in our bread. We only use fresh yeast as well as our own ferment, which was first created over 70 years ago!

This is proper, old school baking with a commitment to flavour, authenticity and our customers’ health. To find out more about Real Bread go here.

*Our scones, rye bread and soda bread do contain baking soda, so do not qualify for the Real Bread Loaf Mark

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